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live interview at 730pm pst friday night with dj-cbass live from the west coast

Tuesday’s Rain emerges from the studio where they are currently working with Hollywood rock legend Brent Woods (Wildside/Warrant/Sebastian Bach/Vince Neil) with a fresh new offering to follow up their debut CD “Dream Another Day” released in 2009. “We Are One” is the first single and takes a political twist as the lyrics suggest comraderie and political deception. Father and son worked out the details in their home studio and recorded the demo with help of longtime associate and live sound engineer Matt Boehm of Affordable Soundworks. Bob sought out guidance from Hollywood Promoter and friend, Joe Sutton (Key Club/Knitting Factory) to begin working with Woods last summer. Woods took his impressive inspiration and personally dove into the project voice first. Harmonies and backing vocals accompanied by thick power chords and driving bass tracks shaped the song in a new direction. Tuesday’s Rain has supported several memorable acts including LOVE/HATE, OTTO’S DAUGHTER, L.A. VELVET, SKUMLOVE, DIZZY LILACS, HONEYSMASH, THEORY OF FLIGHT, ASPEN, DILANA, THE CHIMPZ, HOLLYWOOD ALLSTARS, IN MEMORY, HARLOT, and many more!






Attending “We Care”: TAMARA HENRY (Local Celebrity, News Anchor, Reporter, Producer, TV Personality)

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tamarahenry_1334639624_0Tamara Henry, M.A. has been a news anchor, reporter and segment producer for Santa Monica City TV Channel 16 and Metro Motion since 2005, and in 2012 Metro Motion was nominated for a 64th Los Angeles Area Emmy. Tamara started as a weeknight news anchor and health reporter in Little Rock, Arkansas while Bill Clinton was President after earning her B.A. in Broadcast Journalism. She also earned an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology in Consciousness, Health & Healing. Broadcasting live on, Tamara has been interviewing celebrities on Oscar night at the Night of 100 Stars every year since 2005. Tamara is also a film producer whose inspirational documentary was on the 2010 Oscar Shortlist and has a current documentary now on the 2012 Oscar List. Tamara is the award winning new media host of GreenTwithTamara.TV, helped the 2010 Miss America Contestants Go Green, and was up for a 2012 Gracie Award from the Alliance for Women in Media. Tamara has also starred on Bravo, Animal Planet, The Tonight Show, Access Hollywood, E!’s Style Network, LOGO, the Miss USA Pageant and Legally Blonde 2. Tamara was born at Ft. Belvoir while her father served our country in Intelligence at the Pentagon and received the Bronze Star.

Tamara and carlos

Attending “We Care”: Katrina Chere Darrell (model/songwriter/singer/actress)

Katrina1Birth Name: Katrina Chere Darrell
Nickname: Bikini Girl
Is a model/songwriter/singer/actress. She has been acting in commercials, theater and movies since she was a child.
Was a contestant on American Idol: Season 8 (filmed in 2008, aired in 2009). She made it to Hollywood week.
Has her own clothing line named ‘Pairadice’.
Was home-schooled most of her life. Katrina has a certificate in Radio Production and AA in Telecommunications.
Is of Italian, Spanish, American Indian and French descent.
Earned the nickname ‘Bikini Girl’ for showing up at her audition for “American Idol” (2002) wearing only a string bikini.

PERFORMING AT “We Care”: Brett Hunt

Brett Hunt_ppActor, Comedian, Producer – Brett M Hunt
Two Time LA Comedy Awards Winner 2013
Brett Hunt was born in Denver, Colorado and grew up like most kids, playing and hanging out with friends. However it was abundantly clear that at an early age he was going to be in show business. His grandmother signed him up to be on a local TV show “Blinkey’s Fun Club” with local hero, Blinkey the clown; at the age of 6 and Brett was the center of the show. His fascination with entertainment kept building and he would lip-sync with his friends for family and just about anyone who listened, usually making a big production from it. It was at the age of 10 that Brett discovered magic from a local magic shop and he would go there every day after school and watch and learn, he also landed a role on 2 local commercials. By the age of 13 Brett was performing and at the age of 14 was working his own magic shows and being paid. Throughout school Brett would take theatre and music classes, he would tryout and land roles with the local school theatre groups and continued both local print & TV commercial work.
Brett decided he needed to see more of what the world had to offer and made the choice at the age of 17 to enlist into the US Navy and immediately went overseas to Japan. Brett served in the first Gulf War on board the flagship USS Midway. While in Japan he continued to perform magic and performed in the local theatre group. In 1992, he was signed to do his first World Magic Illusion Tour through Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea and Japan. After the military Brett kept learning new things to keep his mind sharp he became a Firefighter/EMT with a local fire department. In 2001, Brett’s life changed when he was called up to serve his country once again he did two tours, one of those which lead him back to the Middle East for the second Gulf War. Being already a veteran he would do stand-up comedy & magic for fellow soldiers to take all their minds off the tension.
After his final tour Brett decided to become a reserve police officer and pursue a different path. Brett eventually decided that public service was not his passion and followed yet a different path. In 2004, Brett began working at Microsoft and started back at school to learn movie production. Brett teamed up with his best friend Robert and started full swing into entertainment again when they decided to start “The Popcorn Review.” TPR became a fast hit and had a fan base of upwards of 1 million people just from the “MySpace” site alone, it spun off a weekly radio show along with four syndication partners. In 2006, Brett, Robert and their personal assistant Teresa decided to move to L.A. and live the Hollywood dream. Brett has since been a working actor and producer in L.A.
~Brett is a highly decorated veteran who has served our country with the military; he served in both the US Navy and the US Army, (Surface, Air, Sub, and Special Ops) (He served in both Gulf Wars in 90-91 & again in 02-04).
~He has been an Entrepreneur, with a wide range of successful businesses, Retail Stores (Fantasy Realm & Game Stop), Entertainment- Hollywood (Actor, Producer, Comedian), Digital Media companies (The Popcorn Review, Quantum 34 Productions & Raging Gopher Productions), Banking & Finance (Alliance Financial Solutions, LLC, Quantum Transactions & Pacific National Bankcard), and Motivational and Coaching (Empowerment Inc).
~He has served as a Firefighter-EMT with Jefferson County Fire Department.
~He has traveled all over the world, visiting 21 countries, and took residence in Japan for 4 years.
~Brett is a working Actor, Comedian, Rapper, and Producer in Los Angeles, CA.
~A former adjunct college professor, teaching business of Film & Video with an emphasis on digital media.
~He has toured & lectured all over the country performing his own unique style of entertainment.
~He knows 2 languages (English & Japanese) and he is currently learning 2 more (Italian & German).
All this has made Brett the person he is today, and he has made it his life’s mission to use these experiences to bring laughter, music, and his own unique talents in order to help people overcome challenges that they may now face.
Brett currently holds – BS in Business, Masters in Finance, PhD in Metaphysics, and an honorary Doctorate of Divinity. He is a Certified Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP, Certified Life Coach, Certified EFT Trainer, as well as an Ordained Minister. Brett currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.


PERFORMING AT “We Care”: Isaac Hanna

Isaac Hanna 1_pp_ppIsaac began his music career at age 13 in Israel, where he received a scholarship to study piano under Augostine Lama and soon became a church organist and high school music teacher. He joined a band called The Golden Tune and performed with the legendary clarinetist and saxophonist Mike Rock. In 1968, Isaac came to the United States and formed The Jerusalem Band, which was discovered by notable big band leader Joe Moshay, and performed internationally at various prestigious venues. After some personnel changes, and under Isaac’s leadership
The Jerusalem Band flourished in the Los Angeles area and internationally, for nearly 25 years, performing at venues such as the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Beverly Wilshire, the Marina City Club, Jimmy’s (opening night), and the Texas Astrodome. Jerusalem Band members included guitarist Chuck Lorre, ud player John Balazikian, percussionist Raja Zahr, Bob Shuster, Jamie Glasor, Jimmy Darring, Carla Ross, Piere Paderosian, and Debbie Treadaway.
A keyboardist, pianist, accordionist, and dancer, Isaac curently performs solo and with other musicians and dancers, at a wide variety of venues. He presently performs at
Larsen’s Steak House in Encino, Kravings Restaurant in Tarzana, and at numerous senior residences. He has recently performed with violinist Janet Kaplan, actress/dancer Tanya Lemani George, and former Little Miss Talent USA, Malika Souair. He has recently performed with versatile singer/songwriter Debbie Gambardella in conjunction with Spotlight the Arts and the City of Calabasas.
Isaac specializes in ethnic music (Italian, French, Greek, Armenian, Israeli, Spanish, Middle Eastern, Hungarian, and Russian). His repertoire also includes American Standards, classical, pop, and Broadway show tunes.

PERFORMING AT “We Care”: Barbie Love

Barbie Love 1Her name is Barbie Love and she was born in Ukraine. She was given the name Любовь (pronounced “Lyubof”), the Russian word for “love.” Love was born into a new generation of Ukrainian women, redefining a spirit of independence, individuality and change. Barbie Love merges music and fashion from a foreign perspective. She creates pop songs about anything between simple pleasures to complex dilemmas.
Love’s mother put her into acting classes when she was 4 years old, and she started to dance when she was in kindergarten. By the age of 11, she was choreographing her own performances. As she excelled in her young dance career, Love also began teaching dance to both tots and teens. She both taught and performed from ages 13 to 19. By age 19, the young entrepreneur opened her own dance studio in Kiev. Her dance studio was named Shtey Dance after herself. She used her natural talent to develop the potential of others, and she strove to help each little girl find their own personal style. Barbie Love left her home at age 16 and headed to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, to further develop her artistic talents. She studied dance, choreography and performing arts at Kiev International University of Culture and Art. Love says she spent her extra time reading How-to-Make-Your-Dreams-Happen books. But Love found a lot of value in learning how to do everything on her own. She says it gave her the fighter spirit that she needed make her own dreams happen.
Love began to feel a need for something extra in order to satisfy her artistic drive. She graduated in 2009 and headed to the United States. Since then, Love has performed her music and fashion creations at fashion shows and major events. She has danced for Los Angeles Flash Mob, in the popular movie Friends With Benefits, and ZZ Top Tribute Concert Music Video. In February 2012, she met singer/songwriter Selena Lanelle in Chicago while trying out for a furniture store commercial and the two instantly decided to collaborate their skills and experience to create a fun album. Both women would meet in downtown health club dance studio to sing and dance for hours, with permission from the fitness staff. With the help of a brilliant producer and deciding to add Selena’s vocals to her performance, young & hip dance music was created. In between recording and playing shows, Barbie Love traveled to Los Angeles to attend the Long Beach Performing Arts School in order to enhance her acting skills. Barbie Love is currently working on fresh new material for a near-future release in collaboration with other international musicians and songwriters. In addition, she has designed a line of dresses, hand-made by Barbie Love. She expresses, “Stay tuned. This is my dream. I live for music and fashion.”

PERFORMING AT “We Care”: Laci Kay

911769_10151581712080340_1364362692_nLaci Kay is a 14 year old singer, songwriter, and actress who has performed at many venues in the LA area. She has been seen at the Infusion Lounge, at Universal CityWalk, The Federal, Naya on Sunset, The Varsity LA, V Lounge, Sofitel Hotel and Celebrity Center to name a few.
Currently she has music being featured on the Teens Wanna Know radio channel online. You will find the station here you can enter the following link into iTunes or your favorite streaming music player (VLC, Windows Media, etc.): Laci is also having her tracks played onthe Stars of Tomorrow Radio Show from Sydney, Australia 2RDJ-FM and Triple H FMand is nominated for the month of May to win in the top 5 for her cover of OATH by Cher Lloyd.
She is working with 7 Time Grammy Nominated Producer Haskel Jackson from Genesoul Productions and has some great Pop video Covers on YouTube ( They are working on getting her originals out soon!
It was just announced that she is nominated for a Young Artist’s Award and the EOTM Awards for her Lead role playing OLIVIA in the film OLIVIA. She is honored to present at both events.
When she is not working on her music or filming; she is very involved in several charities. She is the TX president of Kids Against Animal Cruelty ( and is excited to recently have been appointed as Hollywood Youth Ambassador for the Reading, Writing, It’s an Exciting Organization (

FASHION SHOW : Vala Moj Designs by Mojan Hos (Designer)
01Valamoj is a unique couture line started by designer Mojan Hos in 2006. Mojan creates custom made, one-of-a-kind gowns for celebrities, brides, and women who expect stylish and high quality outfits. Each unique piece is handmade and stitched to perfection. Every individual piece is flawlessly constructed of beads, lace, and beautiful fabric, which come together to form a high end result. Valamoj carries styles and designs inspired by current trends from around the world. Due to the popularity and high demand for our designs, Valamoj is now starting a new “ready-to-wear” clothing line. Mojan is used to creating custom clothing stitched to match the unique body of each of her clients, but now the boutique will also carry fashionable outfits of standard size to provide fast and affordable couture styles. Valamoj designs dresses at both the high and low ends of budgetary constraints. Our goal is to provide affordable beauty and elegance for women of all shapes and sizes, without compromising the quality of the clothing! We are proud to state that all final designs and tailoring are done in the U.S.

Visit her Website:

Attending “We Care”: Kuba Ka (action packed singer, dancer and actor)
Kuba_ka_stopfeenin_4x6 “Known in Hollywood as the Prince of Entertainment from Europe, discovered in America by Michael Jackson’s manager – Frank Dileo.”

KUBA Ka has been dubbed by critics – the “STAGE ANIMAL”, for his high-octane live performances. “From my very early childhood, I felt the force of nature to become the entertainer. That’s who I am – driven by all parts of me… Stage is my LIFE, show is my WORLD!” says KUBA, who as the artist represents the “STORM OF ENERGY”, what always is taking him to the top of the ultra-energetic connection with his audience.

As only a teenager, KUBA became one of the greatest men of 2001 by Polish edition of ELLE magazine.

He is the action packed singer, dancer and actor. Regarding to all of that, he is the ultimate SHOWMAN. Whatever he does is monumental in all meanings. He is about the “FULL ENTERTAINMENT” experience. It includes his extravagant KUBA Ka Kingdom project in Las Vegas with World famous architect – Tom Wright from ATKINS Global, who created the iconic seven-star hotel in Dubai – BURJ AL ARAB. In this journey of dreams his wild power becomes a statement of the warrior who stands for making believe that everything is possible. With all in what KUBA believes, he has his humanitarian organization – KUBA Ka ARMY OF LIGHTS, which in KUBA’s words: “is to shine the light of entertainment in darkest places of the World”.

Truly a life force with a “TWISTER” like dynamism, KUBA creates all-new entertainment formats to wow audiences. For more than a decade, KUBA has captivated the imagination of millions in Europe, on stage, radio, and television. He became the first artist after Michael Jackson to be represented by legendary entertainment manager – Frank Dileo.

DAILY VARIETY wrote: “Dileo, who once managed the late Michael Jackson, has hitched his wagon to Polish mega-watt performer KUBA Ka, who plans to establish a beachhead in the U.S.” Dileo mentioned during the interview for VARIETY: “I am delighted to start an association with KUBA and his production company.” Frank Dileo said in his press statement about KUBA: “He’s an incredibly unique and versatile performer with an imaginative dynamic vision for his far-reaching projects. We think his one-of-a-kind talent will translate extraordinarily with U.S. and international audiences.”


Attending “We Care”: Glitter Rose (Guitarist, Songwriter, Singer)
glitter rose picShe’s got a Southern heart, and a Rock n’ Roll soul. Outlaw Southern Rocker, Glitter Rose from Ft. Worth, TX. This left handed guitarist owns the stage with her amazing charisma and defining Southern Rock sound. GR is endorsed by Gibson Acoustic Guitars, TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik, Orange Amplifiers, Fishman Acoustic Amplification, WARRIOR Guitar, BAE Audio, Rotosound Music Strings, DiMarzio Pickups, Rebel Boards, Moody Leather, and Guitar Hands Hand Care.
GR is a veteran in the music industry starting professionally at 13 years old in 1998. She is an accomplished guitarist, a simply genius songwriter, and has vocals packed with power, grit, and originality. Her live show is that of legends, captivating the audience with her high energy performance, and her passionate presence. GR has great love and admiration for her fans, stating “They are the reason I make music. If I can evoke emotion and excitement in one person in the crowd, I’ve done my job. It brings me great satisfaction to touch people with my songs and my performance.”
GR is currently in Hollywood, CA. From March to July 2012, she held a 5 month residency at Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood on Hollywood Blvd. for an event they created about her music called Southern Rock Brunch. She is a 2 time winner in the 2013 Artists In Music Awards for Best Rock Artist and Album of the Year for Dead or Alive. She won Best Music Video for her video “Buda Negra” at the 2013 Bare Bones International Film Festival. Also in 2013, she was honored with the prestigious nomination for Texas State Artist – State Musician by the Texas Commission on the Arts and was chosen as one of the Top 3 Bands in Los Angeles, CA for Hard Rock Rising 2013 Global Battle of the Bands. GR’s time is definitely here, receiving more nominations in the 23rd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards and the 2014 Artists in Music Awards. Her music is being recognized, awarded, and paving the way to stardom for this deserving and hard-working artist.